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Ive been told I'm an attention seeker! this is probably true, but i am very upset and I think I might kill myself if you don't all tell me how brilliant I am right now!!!

(on another self indulgent note I am listening to john Peel at Glastonbury 1995!! on radio 6. they are presently playing Sleeper, and i am Hoping they will play The Cure that i think i saw at that one?)


Pissed off I didn’t go to the party last night, but I don’t have work tomorrow! So want to make up for it tonight if anything is happening after 1am (as I have work till then) let me know?
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Djaing this friday - then going to Big Red!

I shall be djing at the Gaff (X-old Kings Head) on Holloway Rd This Friday 20th if any one fancies it? from 9-ish, then planning to go to BIG RED about 1 or 1.30?

THE GAFF - 382 Holloway Road, N7. Nearest tube: Holloway Road (3mins walk!)

Doors 8pm, live music from 9pm, DJs til LATE (3-4am).

Admission fee:
£4 or £3 with a flyer!


and here:

The Cure - My Bloody Valentine - Pop Will Eat Itself - Ride - The Smiths - Soft Cell - Chapterhouse - Joy Division - Echo & the Bunnymen - Bauhaus - Sonic Youth - Jesus & Mary Chain - Ned's Atomic Dustbin- Public Image Ltd - The Cult - Slowdive - Siouxsie & the Banshees - The Horrors - Duran Duran - Sisters of Mercy - Interpol - The Violets - U2 - Lush - Spacemen 3 - Killing Joke - These New Puritans - New Order - Foals - Pet Shop Boys - Neils Children - Suede - Dinosaur Jr - The Firm - The Long Blondes - Television - Blondie - Cocteau Twins - Depeche Mode - Editors - The Organ - Happy Mondays - The House of Love - Kraftwerk - Suicide - Bowie - The Stooges - The Primitives - The Byrds - The Velvets - The Chesterfields - and a cast of a thousand more........
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Roof Part.

Thinking of having a (very late) Post-Halloween-Moving-in-BBQ-Roof-PART

On ether Sat 12th / or / Sat 19th.

Any of these dates sound good or bad?

8 Day to Go!

this is the last gig we will do in London for a wile as we want to have more time to write new song. so if you fancy it come along! the other bands are good too! and Doe Face Lillian who i do programing for are supporting Glasvegas tomorrow night at the roundhouse!



Ok so it looks like I’ve left it to late to get a cheap ticket for the train to Whitby.
£80 on the train, or £40 on the coach. I hate the coach (and there are only 3 a day. First one leaves Victoria at 8am (to fucking early!) or next one 1pm getting to Whitby at 9pm (to fucking late!)

Is anyone driving up who has room for me? Or who has any suggestions of how I can get there cheaper, something I might have mist?

(We used to get the train to Scarborough because it was cheaper to share a taxi the rest of the way but it is £88 to Scarborough and £79 to Whitby now?)
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